Teenager in Orlando. Part I: Walt Disney World by Elisabeth G.

Teenager in Orlando. Part I: Walt Disney World by Elisabeth G.

There are four huge (and separate) parks: Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom and Epcot. All four are places for young and old filled with the magic of Disney and wonderful food, as well as beautiful gift shops. The prices of most items range between $5 - $25, with the exception of clothes and more valuable items at around $30. There are multiple themed cafés and restaurants with amazing food and drinks. Entertainment is made up of multiple rollercoasters varying with ages, rides with mini-games and more. 

Animal Kingdom 

As in the name, this is a park themed with Disney animals and nature. Going in, you will already see the sculpture of the large baobab tree (The Tree of Life)  with all sorts of animals beautifully engraved in it. Another beautiful sight is “Pandora’s Floating Rocks”. The park, itself, mainly has Animal-themed Disney-based gift shops. Being a teenager wandering through the park, I mainly wanted to go on the rollercoaster. The lines were really long and I only managed to go on a few, my favorite one being Everest. For food, I had a hotdog at a stand, but there were many restaurant options in Markets found in areas such as “Africa”.


Hollywood studios

This is very much based around the 60s - 80s Hollywood. Loads of neon lights and tall, colorful buildings. The first area I visited was the “Rock ‘n’ Roll” area. I stood in line for a rollercoaster made for a rock band called “Aerosmith”. Next was the Hollywood Tower Hotel, based on the famous TV show “The Twilight Zone”. The ride was very much concentrated on the mystery of the show. Then it was time for some Star Wars action! The ride was a “5-D” experience. Toy story land had an exhilarating Slinky Dog outdoor rollercoaster and a mini-game ride indoors. I ate at “50s Prime Café”, which — as the name states — is a 50s themed restaurant with great food (especially pies!). As always, gift shops were themed around Disney Hollywood things.


Magic Kingdom

If you’re in Disney World to experience the Magic of princesses and princes, this is the place. This park is the biggest of all four parks. The parking lot is separate from the entrance to the park, and one of the two ways of getting across the lake surrounding the park is the Ferry Boat. It’s a windy five minutes, but once you get to the park, it’s worth it. Immediately, Cinderella’s big castle is in view and it is glamorous! It’s all the magic you could hope for. There are shows in front of the castle where all your favorite characters sing. There is another big stage where I saw the great Storm-trooper March. There is a big theatre themed to the Chinese culture based on the wonderful story, Mulan. Another area is themed around The Muppets, full of everyone’s favorite puppets. I ate the famous Mickey-faced pretzels and Mickey-faced near the circus-themed Dumbo area. The rides are mainly for smaller children, like the spinning cups in the Wonderland. Going back, I took the second mode of transport which is the Monorail, which is a bullet train driving over the lake back to the parking lot.



This is a future and technology-based park. It has a lot of fast rides. The entrance is in front of a huge dome, where is a ride that explains the evolution of people with technology. Epcot is famous for its world showcase, presenting the best of eleven countries: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, USA, Japan, Morocco, France, UK, and Canada. Each place has shops and restaurants based around the cultures of the country.

Current rating: 5