Photography Tour Russia

Join #MirVisaTravel on the exciting photography trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg on 18 April – 3 May 2020. During the trip we will discover two famous cities - both beautiful and so different. We will visit many well-known places which you were curious about, but also explore some non-touristy areas.

Being the largest country in the World, Russia has many places that provide photographers plenty of subjects, ranging from natural landscapes to the best environments for street photography.

Moscow and St. Petersburg contain a cultural heritage and a combination of famous landmarks and small streets. Both cities are wonderful destinations, each one has its own atmosphere and differ in many aspects with each other. Being closer to western Europe and the capital of Imperial Russia until 1918 when the Bolchevique revolution took over power, St. Petersburg has a more Europe-like feeling while Moscow has a more traditional atmosphere, making it a great place for street photography as well.

If you are not a photographer, but still wish to join this tour – we will accommodate you as well:-)

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