Mir Visa Travel in Cuba, March 16 – April 1, 2019. Part IV – Havana rooftop views

Mir Visa Travel in Cuba, March 16 – April 1, 2019. Part IV – Havana rooftop views

When life was more or less sorted out, we began to enjoy the holidays. It should be noted that it is very easy and pleasant to walk around Havana. We walked around the city for many kilometers and trampled a lot of pairs of shoes (just kidding:-). It is also incredibly beautiful to look at Havana from a bird's eye view. Therefore, in today's post, I will talk (a little bit) about how and on what roofs we climbed :-) and will post a lot of amazing photos.

Roof number 1:

On the northwestern corner of Old Square (Plaza Vieja in Old Havana), on the top floor of the early 20th-century Villa Gómez, you'll find not only the city's amazing views but also fascinating Camera Obscura, gifted to Cuba by Spain's Council of Cadiz. Housed in a darkened room, with a small hole in the ceiling, visitors can watch the real-life scenes on and around Plaza Vieja being played out in a large dish right in front of them. The camera is the only one of its kind in Latin America and the Caribbean and one of only 74 in the world today.

Entrance fee in March 2019: 2 CUC for Foreigners and 2 CUP for locals. Explanations are in Spanish and English.

Roof number 2:

Hotel Iberostar Parque Central in Old Havana offers quite spectacular rooftop views. At the reception, we were asked for the passport details and were informed that only hotel residents are allowed to swim in the pool. We did not have any drinks up there, neither were there any entrance costs.


Roof number 3:

Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski la Habana also offers beautiful rooftop views from the bar. No entrance fees. Neither were we asked to buy a drink there.

What is it about seeing the city from high up that is so inspiring?

I'll try to paint you the picture - the whole metropolis is at the tip of your fingers. You're above everything, like the king of the city. Everything slows down. The only thing you can hear is your thoughts. It's like poetry in motion.

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