Mir Visa Travel in Cuba, March 16 – April 1, 2019. Part II – Getting there

Mir Visa Travel in Cuba, March 16 – April 1, 2019. Part II – Getting there

I am often asked how I ended up in Africa – on the other side of the Planet!?!

If Africa is one side of the Planet, then Cuba is definitely another:-))

Therefore, the flight is long and not exactly direct:-) You can fly through Europe or through Latin America, like us. We made four flights and it took us about two days.

What we did right: stayed in Sao Paulo, Brazil for a few hours and booked a room at a hotel ... ate, slept and went further with a lot of energy.

What could be done better: get a flight from Brazil to Cuba slightly later and take a walk around Sao Paulo. We managed to walk in Sao Paulo on our way back from Cuba, but I would rather prefer to use this time to explore Lima, Peru on the way back.

If you have not been to these two countries yet, we highly recommend visiting them. This will greatly enrich your trip. In addition, many travelers do not need visas to these countries - this is such a big plus! In other words, if your flight has a long layover – don’t get scared, go and explore another place/city/country. You never know if there is another chance to get back there!

Contact #MirVisaTravel on sales@mirvisa.com and we will assist you to organize your magic tour.

In Part III  I will be finally sharing my thoughts on our 8-day stay in Havana after arrival. Keep an eye on upcoming posts and follow me on Instagram @olgamirvisa

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