Mir Visa Travel in Cuba, March 16 – April 1, 2019. Part I – Getting ready

Mir Visa Travel in Cuba, March 16 – April 1, 2019. Part I – Getting ready

Before #MirVisaTravel went on this trip, she read a lot and carefully prepared for the trip to Cuba from South Africa!

Now when she is back home, it's time to sum up the journey and to give advice to those who are going to Cuba;-)

First of all, do not forget about a visa. Check if you need one and apply as soon as you have your return flight and accommodation booked. At least a month before your trip is good, but earlier is better. Give #MirVisaTravel a shout on sales@mirvisa.com if you need any assistance with visa;-)

Secondly, if you travel via other Latin American countries and stay there for more than 12 hours (in my case it was 13 hours in Brazil on my way to Cuba and 14 hours on my way back) than you have to get a yellow fever vaccination.

Thirdly buy all medication you might need and take them with you in your hand luggage. Plus sunblock and mosquito repellent if you don’t feel to run around those rare Cuban shops. I forgot to buy antihistamine tablets and felt sorry about it as I could use them during those 2 weeks. Also, sanitary pads, facial tissues and a roll of toilette paper were very handy:-))

Laundry: if you can afford to pay a dollar per item to be washed then you will get assisted by the owner of the place where you will be living. Otherwise if budget is tight – take a laundry soap or powder and wash the clothes yourself if required.

Food: we were so scared when we learned that there are no supermarkets in Cuba, that we brought a lot of food and even a few bottles of water. Again if your budget is tight and you don’t mind to have 2-minute noodles or a tin of tuna with crackers for dinner – then you will definitely save quite a few dollars as food in restaurants for tourists is not cheap, and food in kiosks for locals does not look that appealing.

I guess this is pretty much all about our preparation stage:-) 

If you were in Cuba and have more advise please do not hesitate to comment under our posts on social media. Useful advice is always highly appreciated!

In Part II, I will be telling about that very long 2-day flight from South Africa to Cuba via Brazil and Peru or rather about how to make it more comfortable and even pleasant! 

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