Green Farming

#MirVisaTravel is finally back from holidays :-) This African winter/ European summer #MirVisaTravel spent well doing her “M&M Trip” visiting Munich in Germany and Moscow in Russia. I will tell you more about these both beautiful cities later this week, but this blog post I would like to dedicate to another theme, namely to 100% natural Agriculture and an increase in crop production and costs reduction:-)) Why you will ask?

I was walking in Munich, Germany and saw that the entire product range of most Supermarkets nowadays is GREEN. Many of us know by now that Organic Foods often have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than their conventionally-grown counterparts and people with allergies to foods, chemicals, or preservatives often find their symptoms lessen or go away when they eat only organic foods. How can we produce more food and still keep it GREEN and not expensive?

Agriculture is challenged by feeding a growing population with ever more limited resources. To increase the harvestable amounts of crops ever more sophisticated pesticides and fertilizers have to be applied. This comes along with significant biological side effects, such as over-nutrification of water resources and severe consequences for nature. More sophisticated chemical formulas are usually more expensive, and their effect is limited. It is a race against time and, sadly, against nature!

Reality is that increasing agricultural output doesn’t work without stimulating biological processes. But then, what is the way to intensify crop production without harmful consequences? –Simply, with products which come from nature and integrate into nature.


A perfect example of such a product is Tonic Water - a Biostimulant.

It works mainly through intensifying photosynthesis, thus stimulating the growth, including roots which reach farther into the ground, able to absorb more nutrients and water.

The result is faster growth, higher Brix (simplified sugar content) levels, and healthier plants with higher resistance against diseases. In other words, bigger crops, faster grown with fewer losses – and all without pesticides or fertilization.


But that’s not all:

Tonic Water is non-poisonous, not a harmful substance at all. – Applying it means it is safe for farmworkers to handle it. 

It is biodegradable – harmless to the environment and decays within 28 days.

Tonic Water is not reserved for organic farming only.

Tonic Water will change results in crop production. We can guarantee it!

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