AgriTechnica - Hanover, Germany 10- 16 November 2019

AGRITECHNICA is the world No.1 agricultural exhibition. This year it is scheduled from the 10th to the 16th of November in the German exhibition hot spot Hanover and expects some remarkable numbers:

2,802 exhibitors from 52 countries will present themselves in 23 halls

More than 450,000 visitors, amongst them more than 100,000 international visitors are expected.

Besides the focus on agricultural engineering, a special topic will be The Future of Plant Production in changing climate. UNIDO, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization will feature on their Acre of Knowledge (Hall 21, Booth D13) some remarkable answers to this global challenge. One of them will be TONIC WATER.

TONIC WATER is a Biostimulant, developed by Cleanshield Group, a partner of the UNIDO Acre of Knowledge. It replaces pesticides and to a large degree fertilisers, thus saving 50% of crop production costs, but increases crop output up to 30%. This is all done in a “green”, biological way. If you wish to learn more about it check

South Africa’s agriculture is world-famous, not only wines, but South Africa belongs to the biggest exporters of Citrus and other Fruits and Crops in the world. Amongst those 100,000 international visitors a considerable number of South African farmers and experts will make their way to Hanover. The ACRE OF KNOWLEDGE will provide also South African farmers answers to the future.

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